February 1, 2009

Transformers 2 Superbowl Spot

Now THIS looks like the good action flick I mentioned earlier...

This has gotten me drooling no end-it seems bigger, better and more action packed (leave it to Michael Bay to up the ante!) than the first Transformers movie...

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G.I. Joe Superbowl Commercial

I've never been a G.I. Joe fan, but when news of the in-development movie came along, I got a little excited at the prospect of watching a good action movie. After seeing this Superbowl spot for the movie, I've gotta say, I've given up all hope of a good actioner.

Lines like "What did you say your name was? -I didn't" are just so corny. Plus, Eiffel Tower being attacked by plants?! Please! Which begs the question, what is Dennis Quaid doing in a corny little flick like this!?!

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