October 2, 2008

You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Our Rating: 3
Rotten Tomatoes: 35%
Yahoo Movies Critics: C
Yahoo Movies Users: C+

Starring: Adam Sandler, Emmanuelle Chriqui, John Turturro.
Director: Dennis Dugan.

He's crass. He's crude. He's rude. He pats his genitals ever so often. He's a Mossad spy. He wants to be a hairdresser. He bangs every gal in sight. And, unabashedly so. He's funny. He's Zohan. And, everyone loves him. Or, comes to love him, eventually.
Forget everything everyone's ever told you about this movie. Forget everything the pretentious critics have said about this movie. For me atleast, it was a no-brainer. I like this flick, and am not ashamed to say it. Sure, the humor is below the belt, and largely centered on Zohan's genitals, and often slips into the juvenile. So what? Leave your brain behind at home, and you'll like this one. Watch it with a few of your no-brained friends, and you'll like it even more.
This movie doesn't teach us anything. It has no social mesage. It offers no solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict (except an extremely idiotic one, which was more of a joke than anything else). And, it doesn't pretend to do any of the above. It tries to be a moronic, entertaining, comedic ride, and it fares reasonably well on that count. Sure, it slips at a few places (like the half-baked romance track), but then, so do all movies.
Adam Sandler, though not in Big Daddy or 50 First Dates form, is quite reasonable as Zohan. One grouse against him, though, is the extremely weird accent he's put on. It is initially very difficult to understand a word of what he's saying. Nothing major, once you get used to his accent. Chriqui, looking splendid as always, is a mere prop. Clearly, this is Sandler's movie, and it feels like that too. Rob Schneider gives a really surprising performance. Really, I had no idea that guy could act, let alone give such a passable performance.
All in all, go into this movie with zilch expectations, a rat's mind and a couple of your friends, and you'll end up having a jolly good time...

Opening line, and some other little lines in the middle, unintentionally copied from Harsh Kumar...

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Ankur Banerjee said...

Hey, BTW< did you see those Rob Schneider trailer spoofs from South Park that I sent you?

Harsh said...

You fucker, you stole your opening line from MY review, bastard--and one or two lines in the middle.

Saala chootiya.


Rachit said...

oh shit, i have! i didnt realize it. sorry man!

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