May 9, 2009

So long, and see you at our new address!

This is just to inform you all that we have now moved to a new address-

Thanks. See you there!

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May 2, 2009

First Look: RDJ from Iron Man 2

What do I think? The lab looks bigger...definitely more number of suits, RDJ again looking the part, cool new gadgetry. All in all, a step up on the previous movie while still maintaining the familiar look and ambiance.
Only doubt I have about the movie, though, is Jon Favreau. Make no mistake, I absolutely loved the first movie...till the last 20 minutes, that is, when we had a robot fight extravaganza, which, of course, has been done better in Transformers. Also, I'm not too convinced by Favreau's past record--I have a lot of trouble accepting him as a legit director. Anyway, sure do hope they Iron out the flaws and make a kick-ass movie!

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Transformers 2, Trailer 2 in HD

Bigger, better, kick-ass!

Was that the Scorponk theme, from the first movie, played out on electric guitar I hear in the beginning? Linkin Park are rumored to be scoring the movie with Hans Zimmer, so I won't be all that surprised...

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